7 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Don’t Work.

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Facebook is really good at putting your ads in front of the right people based on the information that you give Facebook when you set up your ads.

Unfortunately many people don’t understand the value of giving Facebook the right information and do not understand how ads manager works, so I want to touch on 7 main key reasons why your Facebook ads are not working.

  1. NOT ENOUGH TESTING. What does testing mean? You have to put the time and money into finding the right audience, finding the right creative, finding the right copy – testing different things to see what is going to work to get you the results. You can’t run a campaign first month and get mind-blowing results. You have to have the patience in place to recognise that this is going to take time. You are buying data from Facebook, and the more data it has to work with, the better job it can do for you. However, it’s not going to get better with time, if you don’t test. There are several things you have to test. You have to test the objective. You have to select which objective you want to optimise for. Do you want to optimise for messages, for traffic, for engagement, for page likes, for video views, for purchases, for reach – you get my point? You also have to test your audience. Do you want to target people who are interested in certain things? Do you want to target people based on their interactions with other pages, other websites? Do you want to target people based on the interest and engagement with your own page and website? Do you want to target cold traffic? It is also going to depend on your offer. If you have a really good discount there is a certain audience you need to go after. Same goes if you have a full price offer, that audience is in a different part of your funnel. And as the last step, you have got to test the creative. Carousel, Instagram Stories, Video, Static Image – you have got to test what is going to work the best. it is all about making sure you are connecting with the right people with the right message.
  2. WRONG AUDIENCE. This all speaks to the same thing. If you are talking to a person about hair growth that has a full head of hair, you are going to lose every single time. If you are talking to males about makeup you are going to lose every single time. So you have to understand that finding an audience is really super important. There are 1.73 BILLION (as reported by Facebook first quarter of 2020) daily active users on Facebook. So there are A LOT of people and I can guarantee you, most people are not your customers. So you have to know that you have to work hard at testing out your audiences so you can find a winning audience that is interested in what you have to offer and Facebook offers a lot of options for that. When you set up your business manager, there is a great tool called audience insights where you can do all your research to create your audiences. You can also set up audiences from people who have visited your website, from email lists, from people who have viewed a certain amount of your video, from people who have purchased off you in the past and so on.
  3. WRONG MESSAGE AND WRONG CREATIVE. When you are running ads, the first thing people are going to see is your copy. So if you have the wrong message then people are not going to respond. You have to practice that skill. Never go in for the close on the first contact. Make sure that you offer value first. As you offer value, you get closer and closer to that person until they trust you enough to take the next action. So you can create an audience from people who have viewed a video, and then your next ad goes only to those people who have seen that content. This is how you build relationships.
  4. LACK OF PATIENCE. This is a big one and is connected with all of the things above. If you don’t have the patience to find your audience, test your creative then it is not going to work. Another big one I see often is people turning off their ads after a few days because they “are not working”. Facebook is good, but it is not magic. You have to give it enough data to work with to find the right people. Once you find a winner, then you can scale and as you get better and better you will see the cost of conversion come down significantly.
  5. WRONG OBJECTIVES. When you are doing Facebook ads as a first option, when you create a campaign, you have several options as to what objective you want to optimize for. The first column is all about brand awareness. Those are campaigns that are designed just to put your message out there. The second column is about consideration. Those campaigns include engagement, traffic, video views, app installs, send message. You are basically trying to get people to consider engaging with your brand. The last column is conversion. This is where you are trying to get someone to convert into a customer. Buy something from you. Sign up for a webinar. Buy a product, give you a lead, give you a phone number or email – those are all conversions. So you have to be willing to test and try out different objectives. If you are running a message campaign but you have selected a video views objective, that is going to be an issue and your ad is not going to work. You have to make sure that you give Facebook the data it needs in order to give you the results that you are looking for.
  6. LACK OF STRATEGY. This is really important, because if you don’t have a strategy in place, then Facebook ads are not for you. You need to have a strategy. You need to be able to put people through a funnel. Meaning they see a video first, then after that video, they see another video and then you continue building a conversation with those people along the way to make sure that they are becoming your customers. A strategy basically entails what are you trying to accomplish with your business. Through your content, how can you improve someones life with your solution or product? Are you going to entertain or are you going to educate or are you going to empower someone? The 3 E’s of content creation. So you have to sit down and write a strategy that is going to get your business known on social media.
  7. PRODUCT IS NOT GOOD OR DOES NOT HAVE A DEMAND. If you are running with a product that does not have demand then you are going to fail. The market is the market. You don’t make the market, you don’t establish what the market is. You generally have to find a market and put a message in front of them and get that message out there and try to convert them by using a special offer with a special product of high quality.

Finally, persistence and patience is going to be key. I hope that you enjoyed this and it has given you some value and hope your business continues to expand.