A Social Star is born

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It was in the year 2007 when I was first introduced to Social Media, specifically Facebook and I immediately fell in love.

I could not believe that there was this platform that allowed you to get in contact with people that you went to high school with. People you would have otherwise never had the opportunity to keep in contact with once those school yard days were long gone.

I was hooked. I had to know more. I had to know how it worked. How does a marketer use this platform to grow their business?

And so I embarked on educating myself on how it all works and enrolled in what would have been one of the first courses of its time, which was by Amy Porterfield, one of the all time marketing and more specifically online marketing and social media marketing gurus of our time.

From that time forward I have done several courses and always made it my business to keep up with changes on the platforms, specifically Facebook, as they occur.

Social Media can be a tricky baby if you don’t understand algorithms and how they work with Social Media.

If you don’t understand all of this, it is just like throwing mud at a wall and hoping something sticks.

In today’s world people do research prior to making a purchasing decision.

Most people know before they walk into a retail store exactly what they are going to purchase because they have done their research.

Whether people are looking for a physical product or for a person to use for the services they provide, one thing is the same and that is that they always do a Social Media search.

What if they find your facebook page and it is not up to date?

They see you haven’t made a post for a few months?

Or you have recently posted, but it was a spammy post?

You are correct, they will go search again.

Now what if when they search Social Media, they come across your page and they see that you are posting consistently (shows they can trust you to turn up) relevant content that they are interested in? (they will also share with their friends, getting your name in front of more new people)

What if they see alot of other people engaging on your posts? (social proof)

What if they can get to see your personality through your social media and have a great user experience on the platform, on your page? (people buy off people they know like and trust)

That is where I come in.

I am passionate about social media, and passionate about getting your brand recognised.

I offer an entire range of services, with a budget to suit you from content creation, to managing your page, to engaging with your audience to running your ad campaigns.

From a marketers perspective one of the biggest things I love about being able to help you with your social media is that not only do we have the ability to reach such a laser targeted audience but we also have amazing metrics to review and make adjustments to campaigns accordingly.

When you advertise on television or newspaper, you can not target who you are going to put those ads in front of, let alone have the ability to analyse metrics to see what performed the best.

After all your social media activity should be subject to the same scrutiny and return on investment expectations as your other marketing.

If you don’t start to get a piece of this pie now, you are going to be left behind.

Lets get people talking about your brand on Social.