Social Media for Real Estate Agents

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Working in Social Media and also being a past licensed real estate agent and accredited auctioneer a subject that sits close to home for me is how most Real Estate Agents use their social media unfortunately the wrong way.

So I wanted to write a short article to share my knowledge with you out there in the Real Estate Agency to help guide you in the right direction so that Social Media can start to work for your business.

The single biggest mistake that I see almost every agent make is that they are constantly posting their listings for sale, most often linking back to their brand website or

There are several reasons which I shall list why this is a very bad strategy which I will now speak to.

Social Media platforms, and I speak to Facebook particularly because that is my primary platform that I work on with my own business and with my clients – makes its money off its advertisements. We are fortunate enough as consumers that these great platforms that provide us with hours of entertainment every day are given to us free of charge. So it makes sense that they need to sell advertising space.The facebook algorithm has over 100,000 factors that weigh into it and if you don’t follow their rules, your posts simply do not get shown to anyone. I see evidence of this time and time again, every time I am asked to look at a Real Estate Agents facebook page. The majority of their posts are links to outside websites showing what houses they have for sale and the only engagement on the posts are almost always their staff members. This tells me that their posts are not reaching their ideal client, or anyone for that matter. Facebook and all social media platforms make their money by serving you up ads, so if you make a post that has a link that is going to take the user off the platform and to a third party website – they are simply not going to serve your post up to anyone. Make sense?People go to social media to be entertained. They do not go there to buy a house. If I want to buy a house, I am going to go to or Domain. So why would I want to see posts with listings of houses for sale in my newsfeed? Right, I don’t.A basic rule of marketing especially on socials is to work out who your ideal client is and create content that they want to consume. I work with my clients on the 3 E theory. Your post needs to entertain, empower or educate (not sell). Now any agent can sell a house, really the magic in being a good real estate salesperson is the ability to be able to get the listing. The objective in social media marketing is to position yourself as an expert in the field so that when people are looking for your service, your name is first to mind. I may be at a friends bbq and mention that I am going to sell my house and my mate says, you should contact “Agent XYZ” I see him/her on Social Media all the time and he/she knows her stuff. We all know that word of mouth advertisement is the best recommendation you will ever get.Social media is all about being thoughtful and when you post your houses for sale, you are making it all about you – when it should be all about your audience.So what do you post you say? I am glad that you asked. How about a blog post about why using a mortgage broker can benefit you? How about short videos of DYI how to paint your house ready to list? How about a local event that is happening? How about recognising a young local athlete that has excelled representing your town at a high level? How about doing a short video of you putting some tar yourself into a pothole that has been on a busy road for ages and not been fixed by the council? How about showcasing your staff, tell us about your person on the front counter and their family? Do I need to continue? Now that you are creating content that is going to entertain, empower and educate your audience the following things are going to happen organically. People are going to be interested in what you are posting about and are likely to like, comment, react and share your content which in turn gets your content in front of more people. The algorithm is going to learn that people enjoy your content and therefore put it in front of way more people. You are going to position yourself as an expert in the field and become first to mind next time people are chatting at a bbq about selling their house. Your name will spring to mind without people even giving it a second thought.

I could babble on all day on this subject, but I think you can get the general idea of what I am saying.

Social Media marketing is by far the best platform to advertise your services – if and only if, you go about it the right way, and keep it SOCIAL.