When Social Media College shares my journey with potential new students.

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I was very humbled and at the same time very proud to be the topic of Social Media College’s most recent email out to people looking at taking the course.

Its a good feeling to know that by sharing my journey my struggles and my wins, I can help others.

As a mentor here at Social Media College, I work with amazing students from all walks. People like our student Paula.

Paula was working a super stressful job – it was affecting her health and she finally decided she’d had enough. But she needed a plan.

We were fortunate to have Paula choose SMC to study the Social Media Marketing Intensive course. She’s a highly active contributor to our FB Group and she and I don’t just talk social media strategy – we chat about everything that happens when doing it for yourself – the self doubt, the knock backs — all of it.

Paula – who recently graduated from the course – just scored her first client at $350 an hour! This is someone who’s never worked in Social Media before! Check it out for yourself below – zoom in for the details.